Thursday, December 16, 2010

JDM's "Vision" segment!

Today's JDM student should always be looking forward. Understanding trends (like Social Media) and learning the latest tools (Blogger and WordPress, anyone?) could mean the difference between landing a job in today' hyper-competitive media, or being passed over. In JDM's "Vision" segment, we share the future of digital content creation!
Seeing a trend?
  • Got "Digital Journalism" skills?
  • Here's what skills Sam Feist, CNN's Political Director says students should have! (By the way, at A Blog Converged, we're sure this videographer has definitely NOT taken JDM's basic video course! Rule #1, use a tripod, especially for interviews. Rule #2, see Rule #1!)
  • Got blog skills?
Next "Vision" segment: audio/video tools for journalists!

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