Thursday, May 16, 2013

JDM preserves a part of Kates Gymnasium floor

It was a simple, yet genius question posed by JDM Operations Manager John Skrada to Paul Brady, Director of Maintenance and Grounds of AU Facilities Management, "Can we preserve a part of the floor?"

Skrada and AUTV-20 Advisor Tim McCarty had walked over to check out the Kates Gym renovations when they realized the floor was being cut up and hauled away.

Brady's answer? "Sure fellas, what part?"

After deciding the north end foul line, top of the key area and GLIAC logo in the paint would make a perfect addition to JDM's TV Studio, the area was marked off with duct tape and workers cut the area into six pieces. The pieces were then transported back to the CFA, fitted back together and received a good cleaning.

It's only fitting that the interviews for next season's preview show featuring the reigning D2 Women's National Champion be shot on the 50-year-old floor that supported AU basketball and sent AUWBB off to San Antonio on their historic title run.

Look for a shiny 8' x 16' bit of AU history on AUTV-20 this fall!