Monday, August 25, 2014

AUTV20 airs first news update of fall semester

The JDM news team lead by senior Chelsi Howman produced the first Eagle News Update of the fall semester on AUTV20.

The first episode of the ENU features interviews with new Interim President, Dr. William Crothers, and new Interim Provost, Dr. Doug Fiore respectively. JDM senior Rachel Gollhardt contributed with a look at the Prioritization process now underway at AU.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

AUTV20 shows off unique aerial shots around campus

Viewers who tune in at the top of every hour to JDM's 24/7 cable outlet on Armstrong, AUTV20, will see AU's campus from a unique perspective in the coming days.

Five new AUTV20 station IDs (Station Identifiers) began airing this week featuring spectacular aerial footage from a drone-mounted HD camera dubbed, "JDM-1." The short spots also feature the voice talent of WRDL 88.9FM Advisor, Steve Suess.

The unique video perspective comes courtesy of JDM Operations Manager, John Skrada's newest "toy," a four prop drone with an HD camera hanging on a gimbal underneath. 

"Flying the drone takes a bit a practice to learn but I flew it a lot this summer around my old high school football field and was impressed with how good the video looks." Skrada said. "The footage this system produces rivals very expensive helicopter shots."

For AUTV20 Advisor, Tim McCarty, it's classic John Skrada.

"Whether it's the production truck he built that JDM uses for our sports productions, or helping students edit, or a camera on a drone, John has an incredible passion for creating and helping our students create high quality media. We are so lucky to have him!" McCarty said.

Matt Tullis, an associate professor of journalism and the advisor to The Collegian, said Skrada is the glue that holds the department together.

"His adding a drone to his collection of industry-standard broadcast production equipment is just one more example of how John dramatically improves the look of AUTV20 productions," Tullis said. More importantly, he is giving our students the opportunity to learn another set of skills."

Check out all of the new aerial station IDs on the JDM YouTube Channel and look for more aerial footage this semester on AUTV20!

Monday, August 18, 2014

AUTV20 EXCLUSIVE: AU Interim President sits down for a candid interview

Dr. William Crothers, AU's newly appointed Interim President stopped by JDM's Center for the Arts studio last week and talked with Zack Lemon, Managing Editor of The Collegian. In a wide-ranging discussion, Dr. Crothers spoke candidly about many of the issues facing Ashland University moving forward.

You can check out all of JDM's video library on our YouTube Channel and on AUTV20.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

JDM Internship Spotlight: Kevin Stoicovy

Stoicovy interviews University of Pittsburgh Men's Basketball Coach Jaime Dixon
JDM's Internship Spotlight for August is senior Kevin Stoicovy, who spent his summer working as a Sports Reporter:

Each summer, JDM students build a foundation of skills through class work, labs, practical experiences and internships working towards the ultimate goal of graduate school, or an entry level position in media. While the department placed 100% of last year's seniors, a new year brings a new crop of JDM majors who spent this summer honing media crafts around the country. For the next few weeks, A Blog Converged will highlight where our majors interned, their responsibilities and what JDM courses helped them to achieve a successful internship:

Your Name: Kevin Stoicovy
Title/Position: Sports Reporter
-Creating sports content for the sports segment of the evening news shows
-Editing video for playback on air
-Writing scripts used on the Teleprompter by the sports anchor
Specific classes/skills that have helped you in your position and how?
JDM 336 Broadcast Reporting was extremely helpful in writing scripts for on air content as well as editing video used for the news. Much of the experience I've had with shooting video for AUTV20 at sporting events has been very helpful as well.