Friday, August 19, 2011

2011 AU Football Preview Show...Preview!!

JDM just completed post-production on the 2011 AU Football Preview Show. Hosted by AU alum Matt Brubaker and featuring an AU football cast of thousands, the episode will air on STO Wednesday, August 24th in primetime at 8pm.

For those who can't wait, here's a preview of the opening and first segment. Go Eagles!


JDM Senior, Meghan Ellsworth, a Broadcast Communication major and Spanish minor, travelled all the way to Africa to intern at a TV station this summer.  Coastal TV, based in Cape Coast, Ghana, is a small station that strives to educate the community and focus on social issues within Ghana’s Central Region.  Ellsworth’s time was definitely an adventure and the unique experience will be something she carries with her into future jobs.

Name: Meghan Ellsworth
Internship: Coastal TV
Location of Internship: Cape Coast, Ghana, Africa

 “Job Title”: Coastal TV Intern

Favorite Part of Internship: The best part of my internship was that I could play a huge part in the production aspect of the station’s programming.  The station is small and since I brought my own equipment I became a producer, shooter and editor in the first week.  Being able to have my hands in every part of the production of a TV show was a great experience.

Least favorite part of internship: My least favorite part of the internship was definitely the prevalence of “Ghana time.”  Basically, this means that it can be expected that your interviewee, your co-worker, or even your boss will be up to an hour later than when they said they’d arrive.  In an industry that relies on deadlines it’s hard to work around people who are chronically late.
What will you take away from this internship for future jobs?  I learned a lot about filming in different climates, weather situations and settings.  From loud Ghanaian markets to bright sunny beaches to rainy street settings, I had to adapt to the situation and figure out what worked best in each, usually with very little time to spare.  Being able to adapt to the environment and still produce quality footage will definitely give me an advantage in future jobs.

How did AU and the JDM department help you succeed in the internship:  Knowing how to edit was a huge help, especially since I was usually editing with very little time to spare.  What the JDM department taught me about editing, as well as how to compose a shot and use a camera were a huge help in my internship.  All the hands on experience I was given at AU paid off in the field.  Without that knowledge I would not have gotten as much out of my experience as I did.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


JDM Junior Daniel Griffin, a Broadcast Communication major and Journalism minor jumped into the world of reality television working for Leftfield Pictures, a production company based in New York City on his internship this summer. Leftfield Pictures produces many network shows, including History Channel’s “Pawn Stars” and “American Restoration.”  Griffin’s experience at a network production company was incredibly beneficial and one he will never forget.

Name: Daniel Griffin
Internship: Leftfield Pictures
Location of Internship: Manhattan, New York
 “Job Title”: General Intern and Casting Assistant

Favorite Part of Internship: Every day was something different. Whether I was helping out on the set of Science Channel’s Oddities or delivering Pawn Stars footage to the History Channel HQ across town, there were very few times where I was bored. That was the best part. My job was constantly changing.

Least favorite part of internship: Leaving! I had to say goodbye to a lot of friends and co-workers, some I may never see again. Hopefully we’ll cross paths in the future.

What will you take away from this internship for future jobs?: I know so much more about how production companies “work.” I did such a variety of things at Leftfield that I feel I can take on any production job now. I’m really looking forward to my next internship!

How did AU and the JDM department help you succeed in the internship: My confidence level has gone way up since I came to AU and I’ve learned so much about filmmaking these past two years with JDM. A lot of my co-workers were impressed at how much I’ve done for being so young. They were all jealous!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Megan Wise on duty at the HOF!
It's been a busy summer for JDM interns. From film production companies in NYC, to the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, many of our students spent their break getting hands-on experiences in media. 

Junior Megan Wise, a Speech Communication and Broadcast Communication double major, parlayed her strong interest in the production of events into a private events internship with the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. Wise learned the finer points of creating and facilitating first class events for the Canton community and for the 2011 NFL Class of Enshrinees, their families and their guests. A Blog Converged caught up with Megan after this weekend's big NFL party to discuss her internship with the Hall of Fame and how it has helped her gain further insight into the event industry. 
Name:  Megan Wise
Internship:  Pro Football Hall of Fame
Location of Internship:  Canton, Ohio
 “Job Title”:  Private Events Intern
Favorite Part of Internship: The 2011 Enshrinement Weekend had to be my favorite part of the internship for so many reasons. After months of brainstorming, creating, and implementing, it was so satisfying to see all of the Enshrinees’ parties come together. From the lights, d├ęcor, food, and entertainment, I had an absolute blast running around the HOF campus making sure that everything was running smoothly. It was satisfying that I had the opportunity to be a part of someone’s special night and help make it as memorable as I could for them. Sure, my feet were tired and the downpours didn’t help much, but it was an experience that I will always remember.
Least favorite part of internship- Even though I had no control over this, the cancellation of the NFL/Hall of Fame Game was my least favorite part of my internship. I wasn’t able to experience how the event staff tears everything down early Sunday morning after the Saturday night parties finish, and then turn right around to prepare for the game. It was a crucial part of the event process that I didn’t have the chance to experience, so I guess I have to go back next year to help and see it all unfold!
What will you take away from this internship for future jobs?- This internship taught me a great deal of how to create and implement a large range of events on a national stage. As I continue to pursue my interest in events, I will have the confidence in knowing that I have the preliminary background of how to professionally and creatively host events varying from small business luncheons, to high profile parties.
How did AU and the JDM department help you succeed in the internship:- Ashland University helped me in more ways than one in preparation for this internship. Across campus, I was taught how to act in an extremely professional manner, and the JDM department taught me how to respectfully communicate to a large range of people. As a whole, AU significantly prepared me in how to present myself at a nationally recognized organization.

Stay tuned for more Internship Spotlights in the coming weeks!

Monday, August 8, 2011

2011 Football Preview Show set to air on STO!

JDM is hard at work this month producing a 30-minute AU football preview show. Hosted by recently graduated Sport Comm. major Matt Brubaker (now STO intern!), the episode will air August 24th.

Showcasing what is easily the sweetest sports complex in the GLIAC, The Dwight Schar Athletic Complex is the backdrop for this year's preview and features interviews with Head Coach Lee Owens, QB Taylor Housewright, RB D.J. McCoy, DB Logan Kerr, DL Jaime Meder and Special Teams standout and recent Gold Medal winner, Gregg Birkshire.

Check Sports Time Ohio's web site and A Blog Converged for exact air times. Also, look for air times of the 9/10 and 9/24 home football games on STO. Why?

JDM students will be producing the games.

JDM student travels to LA to film Documentary

A Blog Converged is excited to report JDM student Ashliegh Jarzenski was chosen to join a select seven women crew set to direct, shoot and edit a documentary beginning August 13th in LA. The doc will help create awareness on the issue of domestic violence on behalf of the Mary Kay Inspiring Stories program and Dreaming Tree Films.

Jarzenski, a sophomore broadcast communication major who recently worked on JDM's 9.11 Remembered doc, is excited to practice what she's learned at AU on a worthy cause.  

"I am so blessed to have this opportunity to create an awareness on this important cause while also learning so much more about the film and broadcast industries! I know I will be well-prepared to take on Hollywood thanks to the experiences that I've had in the short amount of time in the JDM Department. Hollywood, here I come!"

The piece features former Spy Kids star, Alexa Vega, and Joanna Garcia Swisher, who starred in the shows Privileged and Reba, who will narrate the film.

Stay tuned for reports from the set!