Thursday, April 16, 2015

JDM Professor publishes "Ghosts I Run With" on SB

Matt Tullis mugs during the 2014 Akron Marathon
"After about a year and a half of running, the ghosts appeared."

With those powerful words, JDM Associate Professor Matt Tullis, takes readers on a personal journey in his new #Longread article currently on SB, entitled, "The Ghosts I Run With: Surviving Childhood Cancer is a Race That Never Ends."

For Tullis, JDM's Newspaper Advisor and resident Reporter, "Ghosts" was a mini-memoir eight months in the making.

"I've been formulating the idea for a long time but wrote it over spring break." said Tullis.

It's been a busy couple days since his article published on April 15th. On April 16th he received an invitation to appear on the NPR program, Only a Game.

"That was awesome!" said Tullis.

You can read "Ghosts I Run With," on SB and hear his OAG segment on 90.3FM, WCPN in Cleveland on Saturday, April 18th at 7am.

Here's a Blog Converged hint before reading "Ghosts," keep the Kleenex handy!