Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Radio Advisor rocks WRDL

WRDL, JDM's student-run radio station got a makeover this summer thanks to the department's newest faculty member Professor Steve Suess. Suess joined the JDM staff from Illinois State University in May and along with Operations Manager John Skrada, spent the summer reformatting WRDL's music playlist, updating equipment and new production elements. In addition to all the work reformatting the station Suess and Skrada also had to deal with mother nature's wrath as several summer storms knocked out some equipment in the radio studio.

"I couldn't have anticipated the work that would go into changing the format. Usually, launching a brand new format is a job for an entire staff of people working 40 hours/week. John and I were able to work together and get it done with a staff of just two. That's something I'm really proud of, and John was a priceless resource throughout the entire process." Suess said.

Besides Top 40's music, the station is also working hard to rebuild bridges inside and outside the AU community. For a commercial and non-commercial radio veteran like Suess, outreach is this year's top priority.

"One of the first big changes at WRDL is the establishment of a positive relationship with AU Athletics. WRDL worked out a deal with athletics allowing the station to acquire four tickets to every Eagle home football game in exchange for on-air promotion. In the future, we hope that similar deals will translate into tickets for basketball and other sports. A solid relationship with campus athletics is a must for any college media organization." Suess said.

Pop music, sports ticket giveaways, community news and information? For JDM students, our department and radio listeners all over Ashland county, it sounds like there's a new kid in town! Check out WRDL at 88.9FM.