Monday, December 6, 2010

Filmmaker brings Steadicam to JDM Classroom!

Sophomore Molly Leonard tries out the Steadicam!
Emmy-award winning filmmaker Adam White stopped by JDM's Directing class and brought one of the coolest production gadgets on the planet; a Steadicam!

Invented by Garrett Brown, the Steadicam has been a staple of film productions like Return of the Jedi, and television productions like ER. "The Steadicam operator owns the ER set!" Mr. White told JDM students.

Steadicam is a specialized camera mount allowing the camera operator to essentially "float" the camera in the air. Check out the history of the Steadicam here!

For a look at all of the images from our very special guest speaker, check out our Flickr page!


  1. Wasn't it first used by Stanley Kubrick? A Clockwork Orange or The Shining?

  2. First prototype was deployed in Kubrick's The Shining.