Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ashland's WRDL 88.9FM to become CNN Radio affiliate!

JDM is proud to announce our 2011 New Year's resolution early! Ashland University's student-run radio station, WRDL 88.9FM, will begin broadcasting CNN Radio news updates at the top and bottom of every hour 24/7 beginning January 1st.

"WRDL's affiliation with a great news organization like CNN not only helps fulfill our mission to educate the next generation of journalists, but also helps us better serve Ashland and the surrounding communities with news and information locally, nationally and from around the world." said WRDL Advisor and JDM Professional Instructor, AJ Randolph. "This is just the first step in Ashland's WRDL becoming a VALUED, trusted and reliable broadcast outlet for the area."

In addition to a new content source, JDM also gains access to CNN's extensive audio content library for use as educational tools in its writing, editing and production classes.

For WRDL Program Director, senior Brad Eustathios, the CNN partnership means more opportunities for JDM students. "Now, not only is 88.9FM able to offer the latest in news talk programming for the community, it also opens the possibility for locally produced news and information programming, and the chance to get more students on the air. Now, we have the chance to start building relationships and reaching out to our listener-base within the community itself."

Tune in to 88.9FM Ashland to ring in 2011!


  1. As a '74 grad of R/TV, I know how hard it was to present factual and timely information just covering campus activities much less national and international news. Congratulations on landing one of the most credible networks available. That speaks volumes regarding the department's change in course towards continuing Mr. Leidy's tradition of fair, factual and truly balanced reporting. It's nice to see the fire is back in the belly.

  2. Hi Dave! 'Preciate the kind words. The new department has definitely refocused and is retooling; academically, operationally and we're excited about 2011! Thanks for your continued support. Come see us sometime!! ~JDM