Friday, November 18, 2011

Extreme Office Makeover

Several JDM offices in the basement of the Center for the Arts (otherwise known as A&H for you old-schoolers) have been remodeled. Check out the before-and-after photos of the main office.

It won't take us long to start covering those big white walls with awards and framed front pages of The Collegian, the best weekly college newspaper in Ohio.

Also getting makeovers are the offices of interim chair Tim McCarty, Dr. Gretchen Dworznik and operations manager John Skrada. Now we just need a really big donation so we can build out the other side of the hallway and create the (Insert Your Name Here) Converged Media Center. Any takers?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Name: Ryan Squire          

Degree Received upon graduation: B.A. Electronic Media Production, Programming and Performance/B.A. Public Communications

Graduation Year: 2000

Current Job: Director of Social Media at KindredHealthcare

Brief description of your duties, etc.: I am responsible for the strategic direction of Kindred Healthcare’s social media content creation and dissemination as well as using social and digital media to create a social healthcare business.

How did AU and the broadcast/journalism department help you receive this job?: I have spent years working in local TV and that is where I learned about social media and the power it has to connect people and help companies better serve customers. If it were not for Ashland, I would not have made it in to a very competitive industry straight out of college.

What is your favorite aspect of the job?:  My favorite part of the job is innovating and serving our customers.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Congratulations to Megan Wise, Speech Communication and JDM major, for being appointed as the next Editorial Assistant for Communication Research Reports (CRR).  This position is one that is generally reserved for graduate students or professors just starting their careers.

Professor Ted Avtgis, Editor-in-Chief of CRR said "Megan was a logical choice for this position as she has a commitment to excellence, maturity beyond her years, and a passion for learning.  I believe this to be a great thing not only for Megan, but also for the Department of Communication Studies.  We are proud of her!"

Wise, a junior said "It is a wonderful honor and privilege to be chosen as the Editorial Assistant for this esteemed communication journal. This is an incredible opportunity and I am looking forward to being a part of this professional publication.  Being a member of this prestigious team will provide me with an invaluable amount of experience that will be extremely beneficial as I continue my undergraduate studies and look toward a future career."

Friday, November 11, 2011

Burger Quest Fulfilled!

My secret menu in LA is no secret.

One famous double-double, fries and chocolate shake didn't stand a chance this evening, JDM fans.

All is good and right and tasty!

For those wondering what all the fuss is about, this burger has quite the history.

NATAS Faculty Seminar: Day 3

Today we meet the creative team from HBO Films behind their new film, Too Big To Fail, from the bestseller by Andrew Sorkin. We heard a panel from the producers, screenwriter and cinematographer about how they brought contemporary history to life.

Here's the trailer:

Here's the behind the scenes:

In the afternoon we headed out for another studio tour, this time at the historic Warner Bros. lot. WB studio is home to the Conan O'Brien Show and Two and a Half Men.

All in all, another great day in LA!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

NATAS Faculty Seminar: Day 2

Yesterday was another fun-filled day at the Academy seminar. In the morning we heard from three TV Directors talking about their paths and their craft. In the afternoon we heard from an Editor, Director of Photography, Special Effects Supervisor and Art Director. All were very informative and inspiring as they told their stories of how they started in the business. (The editor of the show Dexter told of inspiration from his college professor!)

Next, it was off to the famous CBS Studio Center for a walking tour. Studio Center began its storied Hollywood life as the historic home of Max Sennett's Studio of Keystone Cops fame. Today the facility includes 18 sound stages on 40 acres and includes three permanent exterior sets; New York City Street, Central Park and a Residential Street. But the coolest part of our adventure was getting to roam around the Hot in Cleveland set and the enormous CSI: New York set on the lot. (Complete with fake bloodied tools!)

We capped our evening with an Academy event featuring the Producers and Cast of the new Starz show, Boss starring Kelsey Grammer in his first dramatic role in many years.

IN-n-OUT Burger update: home too late last night for a Burger. The quest continues...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NATAS Faculty Seminar: Day 1

Our day began at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences complex in Hollywood. They have a cool courtyard with statues of the greats from TV. (If you can't tell by the nose, that's Bob Hope pictured!)

Our panel discussions featured a veteran producer on the business of television and the art of "the pitch." (Hint to students, successful pitches are not about TV or film, they're really about interpersonal communication, persuasion and having a killer script! Duh!!) Our second panel was hosted by two entertainment lawyers and was very enlightening about copyright, fair use and educational media.

After lunch we took a short bus ride over to the CBS Television City Studios and joined the audience for a taping of The Price is Right hosted by Cleveland native Drew Carey. The episode will air December 22nd so the audience was decked out in all of their Christmas glory. (Our group was on the far screen right...)

Tomorrow we'll hear from TV show executives (called show runners), Directors and will take a CBS Studio tour. In the evening we'll preview the new Kelsey Grammer show, An Evening with the Boss.

Still looking for a nearby IN-n-OUT Burger... A Double-double will be mine!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tyler Miller (left) records NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Tyler Miller graduated from Ashland University in 2008 with a Bachelors degree in Sports Communication and Electronic Media Production.  He currently works for Sirius XM Satellite Radio as a producer on Sirius XM NASCAR Radio.  Tyler has recently changed roles on the channel and is now producing the mid-day show, Tradin’ Paint with Rick Benjamin and Chocolate Myers, weekdays from 11am-3pm.  He started with Sirius as an intern in New York City the summer before his senior year at Ashland.  Upon graduation he moved to New York and after the merger with XM, Tyler moved to Washington DC where he currently lives and works.

Name: Tyler Miller
Degree Received upon graduation: B.A. in Sports Communication and Electronic Media Production (Audio Concentration)
Graduation Year: 2008
Current Job: Producer of Tradin’ Paint on Sirius XM NASCAR Radio

Brief description of your duties: I produce a daily NASCAR themed sports talk show.  I book guest,s update production, schedule travel for special events, create and run contests and giveaways and keep my hosts and our staff updated on all the latest news in NASCAR.

How did AU and the broadcast/journalism department help you receive this job? As a Junior at AU, I applied for an internship at  Sirius XM.  The education I was getting at AU along with the experience at local radio stations (including WRDL) helped me stand out from the other interns and allowed me to secure a job upon completion of my internship.

What is your favorite aspect of the job? I enjoy going to work every day, it’s always different and that keeps things fun and exciting.