Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tyler Lance's Internship Experience:

This past summed I interned with the Mahoning Valley Scrappers, a minor league baseball affiliate of the Cleveland Indians, as a promotions and marketing intern. My role was being in chafe of scoreboard graphics on game days. I learned a lot about how media works behind the scenes in professional sports organizations, in addition to a lot of other things about graphics and the day to day operations of a sports  organization.

I learned how to use different sports graphics in different situations. My role was operating the scoreboard graphics. I was in charge of putting different players' head shots up on the scoreboard depending on who was at bat. I also was in charge of putting different in-game situational graphics up on the scoreboard. An example of that is if there was a pressure packed situation in the game, I would put up a graphic that said "make some noise," to try to encourage the fans to get really excited and cheer the team on. The goal of this was to make the game more interesting for the fans and even give people a good laugh if I timed a short video clip correctly. An example of this happened one time when when the opposing manager came out of the dugout to argue about a call the umpire made. I played a short video clip that said, "there's no crying in baseball."

I would rate this internship experience as a very valuable one. I learned a lot about media promotions, marketing, and graphics applied to the context of a professional sports organization. I am very grateful to the Mahoning Valley Scrappers for the opportunity they gave me to be an intern with their organization this summer.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tasha Arnold's Internship Experience:

 This summer I interned at the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio. I created short promotional videos portraying the Reformatory, these were then put up on their YouTube page. I planned, shot, and edited eight videos. I used my own camera, audio, and editing equipment for all of the videos. I also did a final project for the Reformatory, a short TV segment focusing on the restorations being done on the building. This internship provided a lot of new experiences and taught me a lot of new techniques, and how to interact with people in this profession.

I learned quite a lot during this internship. I had to learn how to communicate to people who do not fully understand what it is that I do. At this internship I believe that the knowledge i gained will help me a lot after I graduate. I now have knowledge of more editing techniques and software that will make me more flexible in the workplace.

Friday, October 9, 2015

JDM launches new public affairs talk show

The Department of Journalism and Digital Media launched a new public affairs show on AUTV-20 focused on happenings at Ashland University.

The first episode of Eagle's Eyes started airing on AUTV-20 on Thursday and featured AU President Carlos Campo.

More episodes will be produced throughout the semester.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Colleen Rimmel's Internship Experience:

My name is Colleen Rimmel and I will be entering my senior year at Ashland University. I am a Digital Media Production major with a minor in Journalism. This summer, I’ve had the pleasure of interning with Rubber City Radio in Akron, Ohio as a promotions intern. I have been actively involved with 94.9 WQMX and 97.5 WONE. Some of my duties and responsibilities within this internship include helping to set up and tear down at events, encourage listeners who come to our events enter to win prizes we give away, and I also work with the DJ’s from the station at these events. I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with every DJ from both stations at least once (if not more). One new thing I learned while interning with Rubber City Radio is how much more there is to being a radio DJ than just being on the air or having your own show. One of the DJ’s for WONE, T K O’Grady was someone I frequently worked with. He had his radio show every day and had to go work events right after it. Most times, he had events to go to after his show about 3-5 times a week, so he was constantly busy. A lot more goes into working with radio than people typically think. A course that I’ve previously taken that has really helped me succeed in this position was Basic Audio Production. I had the opportunity to work in the station a few times and was able to see radio shows happening live. A lot of the things they were doing were things I learned from taking this course and it was exciting to watch what they were doing and say to myself “hey I know how to do that”! My experience with Rubber City Radio and the people I had the pleasure of working with, was a really great one and because of this, I am even more excited about my future!

Friday, October 2, 2015

JDM producing more content than ever

The Department of Journalism and Digital Media is on pace to produce a record amount of television, radio and newspaper content this fall.

At the end of the semester’s sixth week, AU TV-20, WRDL 88.9 and The Collegian have been regularly producing quality programming and content original to the AU campus and the Ashland County area.

And while the department has already produced a great amount of content, there is even more scheduled for the remainder of the semester.

“We are really making the course content relevant to the media outlets, and the students have really stepped up,” said JDM Chair DavidMcCoy. “They’ve shown a lot of responsibility, and that will help them in their professional careers.”

McCoy also said that JDM has created a nice balance between studio productions and remote productions with its radio and television operations.

So far this fall, the department has:

Live streamed two home football games, with plans to livestream three more. All AU home football games, after being live streamed, can be watched on AU TV-20 and on www.ashland.edu/jdm

• Provide a stream of video content for the AU football scoreboard at all home games.

• Live streamed the pep rally that took place before the first home game of the season.

• AU TV-20 has produced three Eagle News Updates and two Sports Updates so far this semester.

• WRDL FM has broadcast two home football games, with plans to broadcast four more games, including Saturday night’s game against Malone in Canton. All games can be heard live on 88.9 FM or on wrdlfm.com.

• JDM and WRDL has also live streamed and broadcast two volleyball matches. The radio station will also broadcast tonight’s volleyball match against Lake Superior State.

• WRDL has broadcast one soccer match this season.

• The Early Bird’s Word has been live from 7-9 a.m. on WRDL Monday through Friday for the last three weeks. That amounts to 30 hours of live, original programming focused on Ashland University and the Ashland community. The Early Bird’s Word is the only local radio broadcasting in all of Ashland County.

• The Collegian has produced five issues of its award-winning newspaper, with six more planned for the fall semester.

In the coming weeks, look for more programming, including:

• AU TV-20 and JDM will livestream President Carlos Campo’s inauguration on Oct. 16.

• AU TV-20 and JDM will also livestream the College of Business and Economics’ Fashion Show, produced by Fashion Merchandising students.

• AU TV-20 will launch three new studio-based shows, including Storyvault, a 60 Minutes-style show; Eagle’s Eye, a talk-show focused on the AU campus; and The Main Street, a talk-show focused on the Ashland community. The two latter shows will launch next week. Storyvault will launch at the end of October.

• Pre-Game, an urban R & B music show, will launch on Saturday evening.

• WRDL will also be hosting the Second Annual Homecoming Tailgate Party in front of Jack Miller Stadium on Oct. 17.


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Kate Siefert's Internship Experience:

WKYC Channel 3 in Cleveland

News and Sports Intern:

My job is definitely what I make of it. I could come in everyday and sit at the news desk to answer phones and emails and no one would necessarily tell me what to do. But we strategically plan to come in at times when we know reporters will be going out in the field. This gives us the opportunity to go through a typical day in the life of a reporter. Usually, the reporters will let the interns conduct the interviews, help shoot video and later assist in editing the package for live TV. Another asset to this internship is getting the chance to do mock stand-ups and live shots that I will be able to use for my reel when applying for jobs my senior year. This has been an especially exciting summer with the release of the Brelo verdict and the Cav's playoff run.

I have learned so much throughout my time here at Channel 3. One of the most important things though, is learning to have the ability to adjust. In the world of media, things can change in a matter of seconds and as a reporter, you really need to be able to go with the flow and adjust in the best way possible to ensure a successful show.

I would not have an opportunity like this if it was not for the Digital Media and Journalism program at Ashland. Not only does the program provide me with hands on experiences, but it also gave me the confidence I needed to be successful throughout the internship. I also do not believe I would have been able to receive this job without the wonderful professors in the department. They have truly taught me so much and I am very lucky to be a part of such a successful program.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

JDM Jobs in Media: Recent Graduate Josh Spector

One of the Ashland Journalism and Digital Media Department’s recent graduates is Josh Spector. He has this to say about his experience as a graduate and as someone working in the media business:

I'm working at 95.3 WKLM, with "Radio Announcer" as my official title. 


I record voice tracks, edit commercials and game wrap ups, as well as run games from the studio. Another part of my job is to keep a log of commercials we play and who we have as sponsors for our station. I come in when needed, and I also have a permanent Sunday shift. 

It's a fun job and I love the people I work with. I am so excited to have finally landed something in my field, even if it is small...because there is not a plentiful amount of places willing to hire brand new college grads!

Joshua D. Spector

Audio Production Specialist

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Aaron Lazar's Internship Experience:

Name: Aaron Lazar
Major: Digital Media Production
Company: Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) - Oshkosh, WI

This past summer I was blessed with a wonderful opportunity to intern with the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) in Oshkosh, WI. The organization was founded in 1953 by Paul Poberezny and supports recreational flying along with general aviation. EAA has over 1,000 chapters across the United States in addition to chapters in a dozen other countries. Each summer the organization hosts AirVenture, a one week fly-in convention / airshow. Over 10,000 airplanes arrive at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, making it (for a week) the busiest airport in the world.

One of my passions is aviation. I earned my private pilot glider license at age 16, before I could drive. This year marked my fifth AirVenture, so I felt right at home.
My duties as a video intern with EAA varied, but focused mainly on postproduction editing and media management. During the show, I got to take the lead on editing a story about a father and son who flew to Oshkosh from the Isle of Man and two friends who flew their small plane all the way from Argentina. I gained some experience using Adobe Premier and got to work with a very creative team.

The internship was truly a great fit for me. I was able to take some of the skills from school and tie them into something I am passionate about. I feel that Video II and I laid a solid foundation and provided me with key skills needed to succeed as an intern. Living in Wisconsin for the summer was great. I was provided housing right on EAA grounds at the airport. I also had free time to explore, do some scuba diving (my other passion), and make some new friends. What a wonderful summer!