Sunday, February 12, 2017

Chris Snow promoted at Ashland Times-Gazette

Digital Media Journalism senior Chris Snow was recently promoted to a full-time position with the Ashland Times-Gazette newspaper. While still in college, Chris has demonstrated that hard work can pay off to great job in the media business. Chris shares his experience with A Blog Converged in the following paragraph.

I started at the Ashland Times-Gazette in March 2016 as the Sports Agate Clerk. It was a part-time position. In January 2017 I was hired full-time as a Sports Reporter. I was prepared for this position by the work that I did as the agate clerk and also by writing for The Collegian at Ashland University. My primary responsibility as a reporter is going out and covering games and then writing s story about what took place. I also have to write feature stories about different events, teams or players. There are many other things that I do at the TG, but those are the main things I do. Working in the industry is much different than writing for the school paper. There is a nightly deadline, and most of the time I am expected to turn out a story in less than an hour. However, I was prepared for this by writing an ample amount of stories for The Collegian. This allowed me to develop my writing style and produce quality work.

A Blog Converged credits current JDM journalism professor Maggie Cogar and former journalism professor Matt Tullis for mentoring Chris Snow. Their work has produced the next great JDM journalist.

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