Monday, August 15, 2016

Tim Winterscheid continues radio career in Germany

In 2013, German exchange student Tim Winterscheid came to Ashland University and enrolled in Journalism and Digital Media courses. Tim recounts his experience and updates us on his current job in the following section.

I came to AU in January 2013 with an interest in pursuing a career in the media. At JDM, it was the first time that I had professional journalism and digital media courses in my collegiate experience. I got involved with WRDL radio and AUTV 20. I was inspired by working at these stations and working with (former faculty member) Steve Suess and Dr. Dave McCoy. Steve and Dave were great mentors and when I returned to Germany, I knew that I wanted to work in this business. I am now working for the most popular radio station in Hamburg, Germany and loving it. However, I could never have achieved it without my wonderful time at AU and JDM.

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