Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Sean Honaker reflects on his internship

Journalism and Digital Media senior Sean Honaker recently completed an internship with the Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce. He reflects on the value of this experience in the following post.

Over the course of the last semester, I interned with the dedicated staff at the Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce. The experience was all of the usual things a student would describe: rewarding, exciting, and helpful to my career. Above all, my internship taught me a great deal about the field of video production and how I fit into that career. I learned numerous lessons about working production in remote settings and post-production. In fact, I learned a new non-linear editing system during this internship. I mastered Adobe Premier Pro which I can now add to my growing skill set.

Ultimately, my time at the Chamber was an awesome experience, as I worked with some amazing people and developed skills that I first learned in the JDM program. I would recommend the Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce as a great place to work for a student internship requirement.


  1. Great job Sean. JDM is very proud of you!

  2. JDM is very proud of AUTV 20's Senior Producer Sean Honaker. Your internship experience will help you in your career. It will also help our AUTV 20 students to think about new places to intern.