Saturday, December 31, 2011

Putting our stamp on 2011

2011 was indeed an exciting year for JDM as we continued to execute our college's (CAS) reorganization plan that created our new department from scratch; a unique and rare alignment of planets in higher education we were told.

For our part we took the ball and ran with it spending last year recruiting and retooling our innovative curriculum on the notion that today's media industry demands production professionals and journalists have converged skills.

Our department has much to be thankful for in 2011:
  • To our Dean, Dr. Dawn Weber for her continued support and vision.
  • To our largest freshman class, you had a great semester in 2011. Your assignment? Top it in 2012!
  • To the newest member of our faculty, Dr. Dave McCoy, thanks for your insights, your passion to teach media and for your flexibility!
  • To JDM's spiritual leader (and den mother!), Dr. Gretchen Dworznik, congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. We wish you both good health in 2012. You're not allowed to scare us like that again!
  • And finally, to our Ops Manager, John Skrada, a thousand thanks for all the extra time keeping track of our equipment, and for your passion to teach high standards of media production across all of our outlets.
Our wish for 2012? Simple. Continue to strive to be the best journalism and digital media department in Ohio and beyond.

Happy New Year to all from JDM!

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