Friday, December 2, 2011

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Lauren Allenbaugh

Laura Allenbaugh graduated in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Electronic Media Production.  She started with NBC after graduation and now works as a Producer at Nightly News with Brian Williams.  She covers national events such as hurricanes, floods, politics and medical news.   And her favorite - the Olympics!

Name:  Laura Allenbaugh
Degree Received upon graduation: Bachelor of Arts
Graduation Year: 2003
Current Job: Producer, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams
Brief description of your duties: Doing whatever it takes to get Nightly News on the air that evening.  Sometimes I work from the building with an editor to put the piece together, sometimes I am out in the field with the correspondent and crew and other times I shoot and edit my own pieces for air.
How did AU and the broadcast/journalism department help you receive this job:   Experience.  I walked into the building knowing how to shoot and edit.  I wasn’t allowed to do it right away, but when the company was looking for a way to cut costs, I was able to jump out into the field with a camera as well as train those who were learning to shoot and edit. 
Also the career center was a huge help in getting my first job at NBC.  It was a rigorous interview situation and they did several mock interviews, including setting up a panel interview, to get me ready.
What is your favorite aspect of the job:  The people.  I work with amazing professionals and I meet amazing people in our stories.  I’ve spent a lot of time in small towns - Tuscumbia, AL - Olathe, KS – Butte LaRose, LA -  and the people are always so gracious and kind.  For the people who say that our country is derailing and people are no longer good, I’ve met a family who took in a girl with cerebral palsy who had been wasting away in a nursing home, a man who gave up his job and now volunteers to fix up cars for people in need, and a woman who, as she was packing her entire life into one small car to leave before a flood, offered me and my crew bottles of water. 
Also I got spend 2 months in Vancouver for the Olympic which was very cool!

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