Monday, July 5, 2021

JDM founders visit the new facilities

It took hundreds of years to build the Roman Empire. The creation and operation of the Journalism and Digital Media department at Ashland University was less of a time task, a scant ten years. But during that time the efforts of the founding faculty and staff of the program have not been forgotten. The vision of Gretchen Dworznik, Matt Tullis, John Skrada and Tim McCarty paved the way for hundreds of Digital Media Journalism and Digital Media Production majors to learn modern media fundamentals in a new, converged manner. The addition of Dave McCoy and Steve Suess formed the classic team that elevated those foundations. In the ensuing years, many of the founders have moved to other academic venues; yet, they all remain deeply attached to JDM. Here are some photos taken at a July 5th, 2021 reunion.

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