Tuesday, November 3, 2020

ELECTION 20 converged coverage produced by JDM students

 Every four years, in its brief history, the Ashland University Journalism and Digital Media department has used the Presidential Election year as a focus for a live coverage of local and national races. This year, JDM students are producing the first fully converged media (AUTV 20, AU-Live.com, The Collegian, JDM Streaming Channel and WRDL 88.9 FM) coverage of election night undertaken by JDM.  Students in three JDM courses (JDM 213, JDM 224 and JDM 234) have been working since August to prepare and produce for the Tuesday November 3rd production. Producers from AUTV 20 and WRDL, reporters from AU-Live and The Collegian and a JDM co-curricular social media team have spent countless hours honing elements that will be realized in a live 5 hour multicast (7 pm to 12 midnight).

To view, watch and listen----please use the following links:

For the AUTV 20 telecast, go to ashland.edu/cas/journalism-and-digital-media/streaming

For the WRDL radio broadcast, go to wrdlfm.com

For the AU-Live and Collegian web updates, go to au-live.com

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