Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tom Nesbitt shines at WVMC internship

Journalism and Digital Media senior Tom Nesbitt has a passion for radio. He is known as WRDL's"Sweet T" and a man who is equally suited for talent and production work. During the Summer of 2017, Tom worked more than 100 hours for his internship at WVMC in Mansfield, Ohio. Here Tom worked with his radio mentor and former JDM audio instructor Scott Saunders.

During his internship, Tom learned some new audio software programs and he studied the Federal Communication System's Radio Rules pamphlet to ensure that WVMC met FCC public file compliance. His greatest takeaway from the internship was "how much the field of radio requires thorough preparation, especially as time is concerned." Tom adds that "my internship at WVMC provided me with experience that shall be valuable to my future career, especially working in multiple formats and genres."

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