Monday, April 25, 2016

INTERNSHIP SPOTLIGHT: Allison Glass                                                                                                                 Allison Glass is a Senior Digital Media Production major, who recently interned for the Raw Travel Television Show. She had this to say about her experiences:

I loved interning with Robert Rose and the Raw Travel team. They are an exceptional group of wanderers, whose only goal is to share the beauty of the world with others. It was a remarkable experience to watch their work unfold and I cherished my time with them.

This internship experience provided me with an intimate understanding of the television business. I was able to edit scripts, transcribe scripts, view and comment on footage, understand the advertising and financial side of the television business, and become a part of collective effort to produce episodes of this television show. This experience was different than the knowledge I have gained working for Ashland's television station, AUTV20, but it was exceptionally valuable to gain a different perspective. AUTV20 provided the foundation of knowledge, the studio production aspect, of the television business, but my time with Raw Travel quickly gave me a new set of goals and experiences to work into my life.

My work at Raw Travel was very different than my experiences in the classroom at Ashland University, but they both have enriched my life and my professional capabilities immensely. I am forever indebted to these institutions for providing me these opportunities to grow and seek the world beyond.

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