Thursday, January 16, 2014

JDM students, faculty and staff hired by CBS to produce AUWBB in Kates Gym

On Saturday January 11, 2014, the AU Women's Basketball game against Michigan Tech was broadcast live on CBS Sports Network. On the crew were three JDM seniors and two JDM faculty. Seniors Elizabeth Bucheit (pictured left), Chris Bils, and Ryan Sampson were hired by CBS to run various support positions during the broadcast. AUTV-20 Adviser Tim McCarty was on hand-held camera under the basket, and JDM Operations Manager John Skrada was on a hand-held camera at center court. The students were given the opportunity because of Skrada's connections with CBS through his own free-lance work.

"Because our faculty are still actively working in the media field,  JDM was able to facilitate this opportunity for our students. And because our students are extremely well-trained and all have remote broadcast experience, CBS was more than happy to hire them. Networks don't normally hire students when they come to broadcast games, so it's just a great example of the really unique opportunities we are able to provide that other media programs cannot," said JDM Chair, Dr. Gretchen Dworznik.

You can see more pictures from the game on the JDM Facebook page at

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