Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Senior Dan Shade, a Broadcast Communication major and Journalism minor, was awarded the Bill Wiedenmann Scholarship to be an Operations Intern at WEWS Channel 5 in Cleveland this summer. WEWS gave Shade the opportunity to work and experience many different angles of a news station, as he got work in the operations, production, and promotions departments. The unique experience Shade had will be something he will carry with him into future jobs.

Name: Dan Shade
Internship: WEWS Channel 5 ABC
Location of Internship: Cleveland
 “Job Title”: Operations Intern

Favorite Part of Internship: 
I really got to expand past the operations department and I was able to experience things in many different departments. I really enjoyed being able to test the waters in operations, production, and promotions. I got to do something different every week and I learned so much about the entire production department.

Least favorite part of internship:My least favorite part is that I felt like I wasn’t there enough. I was only there twice a week, so it seemed like I was never there on the most exciting day when a big story would break.

What will you take away from this internship for future jobs?
I have learned so much about production and organizational processes. When you are around professionals, you get to learn what works and what doesn’t work. You learn how to be efficient, whether it’s editing a story, shooting a story, or writing a script. I will be able to take these things I have learned in and out of the news studio and really apply them to all parts of life.

How did AU and the JDM department help you succeed in the internship:

The most important thing that AU and the JDM department helped me with, is that I had a lot of experience. I had spent a lot of time shooing, editing, writing, and building graphics for the JDM department, so when I got to Channel 5, I picked up things quickly. The systems were a little different, but the concepts were the same. Without having the experience I already had, I feel like I would have been lost at my internship.

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