Sunday, August 14, 2011


JDM Junior Daniel Griffin, a Broadcast Communication major and Journalism minor jumped into the world of reality television working for Leftfield Pictures, a production company based in New York City on his internship this summer. Leftfield Pictures produces many network shows, including History Channel’s “Pawn Stars” and “American Restoration.”  Griffin’s experience at a network production company was incredibly beneficial and one he will never forget.

Name: Daniel Griffin
Internship: Leftfield Pictures
Location of Internship: Manhattan, New York
 “Job Title”: General Intern and Casting Assistant

Favorite Part of Internship: Every day was something different. Whether I was helping out on the set of Science Channel’s Oddities or delivering Pawn Stars footage to the History Channel HQ across town, there were very few times where I was bored. That was the best part. My job was constantly changing.

Least favorite part of internship: Leaving! I had to say goodbye to a lot of friends and co-workers, some I may never see again. Hopefully we’ll cross paths in the future.

What will you take away from this internship for future jobs?: I know so much more about how production companies “work.” I did such a variety of things at Leftfield that I feel I can take on any production job now. I’m really looking forward to my next internship!

How did AU and the JDM department help you succeed in the internship: My confidence level has gone way up since I came to AU and I’ve learned so much about filmmaking these past two years with JDM. A lot of my co-workers were impressed at how much I’ve done for being so young. They were all jealous!

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