Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jim Sheeler inspires JDM students

Photo: Todd Heisler/Rocky Mountain News
The following reflection comes from a JDM student who attended our recent award ceremony.

Anything can be a story…
JDM held its first converged awards ceremony recognizing students who have made significant contributions to the department. The night was filled with congratulations and friendship, yet a poignant message was left on everyone’s mind thanks to our guest speaker. JDM was fortunate enough to have Pulitzer Prize winner Jim Sheeler share his experiences writing his original newspaper article and book, Final Salute.

 Jim Sheeler’s words and photographs spoke great volumes and I found it necessary to share his message; what do a baby blanket, a Marine’s glove, and a grave digger all have in common?  They all have a story

Everywhere you look there are stories waiting to be discovered, and it is up to us to find them and reveal the raw truth. You never know what information can be uncovered, or the power of light shed on an amazing story from an unlikely place.

As media professionals, we have to dare to go where others don’t want to venture. We have to take the initiative and be the voice of regular people to share their stories. One never knows how powerful a shy person or an ordinary object can be. Even a simple baby blanket has the potential to move people to tears.

We live in a world of stories; it’s as simple as that. Around every corner there is a story waiting to be told and a lesson waiting to be learned for those who are willing to find them. So now, I challenge my fellow aspiring journalists to be bold, creative, and ambitious, and find those stories that are waiting to be told.

~Megan Wise, Sophomore JDM & Speech Major

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