Tuesday, February 1, 2011

JDM Produces Ashland Hoops for STO!

JDM students have once again partnered with Sports Time Ohio to produce Ashland Men's and Women's basketball shows.

Two games were produced Jan. 27th against Wayne St., and two more are planned Feb. 10th against GVSU!
Photos by Brian Wells, The Collegian
Directed by AU Alum, and Director of Baseball Operations for the Cleveland Indians, Pat Murray (Class of '74, R/TV & Theatre), this year's broadcasts were fronted by Senior Sport Communication major, Matt Brubaker and another R/TV alum, Ken Dworznik.

Nine other JDM students manned the technical positions alongside Brubaker and Dworznik to produce the two broadcasts.

For Freshman Grayson Murray, a broadcast communication major who ran a camera for the show, what all goes in to a sports broadcast is impressive, "I was very surprised with how much work it takes to put together a successful broadcast.  The opportunity showed me how good the AU Broadcast Communication program is and how much knowledge the staff has of television."

For Junior Tim Hawk, the taped-delay format of the STO broadcast experience meant he could watch his work. "It's definitely something that I'm looking forward to doing again!  One of the greatest parts about working an STO basketball game is a few hours after the game you could sit down, watch the game, and say "Hey, that's my shot! I did something that's on TV!"

"This is an extremely valuable and authentic 'application step' in the learning process for our students," said Interim JDM department chair, Tim McCarty, "It's this kind of  'real world' experience that makes Ashland's JDM a unique program at the small college level."

Look for the schedule of  rebroadcast times for the Feb. 10th games right here on A Blog Converged.

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