Tuesday, September 29, 2015

JDM Jobs in Media: Recent Graduate Josh Spector

One of the Ashland Journalism and Digital Media Department’s recent graduates is Josh Spector. He has this to say about his experience as a graduate and as someone working in the media business:

I'm working at 95.3 WKLM, with "Radio Announcer" as my official title. 


I record voice tracks, edit commercials and game wrap ups, as well as run games from the studio. Another part of my job is to keep a log of commercials we play and who we have as sponsors for our station. I come in when needed, and I also have a permanent Sunday shift. 

It's a fun job and I love the people I work with. I am so excited to have finally landed something in my field, even if it is small...because there is not a plentiful amount of places willing to hire brand new college grads!

Joshua D. Spector

Audio Production Specialist

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  1. Congratulations Josh! Thanks for working so well as a host for "The Early Bird's Word" on WRDL. Your radio career is off to a great start.