Tuesday, September 2, 2014

JDM student's hosting gig offers real-world TV experience

Collegian Sports Editor, Kevin Stoicovy
For JDM senior and Collegian Sports Editor, Kevin Stoicovy, the prospect of showing up on campus and only working in one type of media simply wasn't an option. As JDM's most recent graduates proved, a successful major in the program must have a full range of media production experiences.

Which is why when he was asked to host the 2014 Ashland University Football Preview Show, Stoicovy jumped at the opportunity.

"The experience of hosting the football preview show on TV was a culmination of effort and work done in the classroom that will make me more confident and marketable in a competitive job environment." Stoicovy said.

JDM aerials of the Troop Center
For AUTV20 Advisor Tim McCarty, providing real-world experience is an important component of JDM because it helps students prepare for the demands of a converged media industry.

"This is not an easy assignment for the host. We produce this piece exactly how ESPN, or Fox Sports Cleveland would produce it as the turn-around from shoot to air is less than two weeks. We typically shoot the host stand-ups in one day in and around Jack Miller Stadium. The demands we placed on Kevin were exactly the same demands placed on any professional sports reporter." McCarty said.

Despite the challenges of the TV experience, Stoicovy thought his confidence showed in his performance on camera.

"I felt I was prepared thanks to my experience in the classroom at AU and at previous internships I've had. Not only did I feel confident in front of the camera, but I felt comfortable as well, it something I did not have before I started working with AUTV20." Stoicovy said.

The 2014 Ashland Football Preview Show hosted by Kevin Stoicovy airs at 6am, 1pm, 8pm and 11pm  on AUTV20, or check out the show online at the JDM YouTube Channel!

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