Monday, December 5, 2011

WRDL Broadcasting Men's and Women's Basketball

WRDL 88.9FM, Ashland's Alternative cranked up its sports programming schedule last week producing the Hillsdale and Wayne State games on Wednesday and Saturday on radio. For Sport Communication and JDM students, it is the ultimate sports media lab.

"You can talk about sports in a classroom setting like we did in our Sports Broadcasting class, but until you put on a headset, sit in the arena and calmly and accurately describe the action while the place is going crazy, that can't be reproduced in class." said Interim Chair of Journalism & Digital Media, Tim McCarty. "We're also very excited that we have so many talented freshmen producing and announcing sporting events."

For last week's broadcasts, freshmen Kate Lentz and Kevin Stoicovy joined sophomore Hilary Neal and senior Marcus Walsh behind the mic. "It was exciting to sit at the table courtside and be that close to the action." said Lentz who was announcing her very first game. "I loved it! I felt like a kid in a candy store. This was why I came to Ashland."

Freshman Tyler Orr, Andrea Stevenson and Logan Gay took turns as producer at the announcer table. And back at the station, freshman Ryan Sampson deftly handled the many studio producing chores.

Tune into 88.9FM WRDL Wednesday, December 7th as the men take on Wilberforce at 7:30pm. Marcus Walsh and Kevin Stoicovy will have the call. On Sunday, December 11th, Kevin Stoicovy and Collegian Sports Editor Chris Bils will have the men's game call at 1pm and Kate Lentz and Hilary Neal will call the women's game at 3pm. Sunday is a doubleheader versus Lake Erie.

Tune in for rebroadcasts throughout the day on WRDL 88.9FM. Game on!

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